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Alternative Stag Do (for Introverted Camera Nerds!)

This weekend I had my stag do! But instead of the usual debauchery expected of your average stag do - my best man and I instead went to York, shot some rolls of film on cameras from decades ago, and then went to see 1917 at Leeds Everyman Cinema!

When I arrived in Leeds my best man, Robin, very kindly gave me a film camera as a wedding gift! - A vintage Leica iiic which he had fixed up, with a Nikkor 50mm f/2 lens! Along with a roll of CineStill 800T film. It's truly a beautiful old camera, I'm very lucky:

We visited West Yorkshire Cameras to buy extra film and a tripod for Robin's Mamiya medium format camera, then we went to York to shoot some film around the Shambles! When I got these developed I've realised that the Leica's shutter is a bit leaky (hence the cool sparkles on the shots below) - so I'll fix that up before I shoot more with it, but it was so much fun, wandering about taking pictures:

This is Robin and his Mamiya!

You can kinda see Robin in that one too

I put the camera on the floor for that one, roughly aimed

After several laps of York, we went to Leeds Everyman Cinema - COMFIEST CHAIRS EVER - and watched 1917. We were pretty blown away by this film - I think it was probably the best war film I've ever seen to be honest! Absolute masterpiece!

I admit I'm not much of a party animal - this stag do was perfect for me, and just something a bit different I thought I'd share - thanks for reading!

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